This site is a collection of my sexy pictures, videos, blog and travels. I am a longtime camgirl, I started camming around 2003 on various sites. I settled down on Camwhores.com which unfortunately shut down in early 2015. I was sad to see it go! I still have a bunch of content from years past. Check out my blog if you want to see what I'm up to. I also sometimes stream my cam live on MFC. Click here to check out my profile on MFC. I also do cam sessions on Skype, mostly for online friends I've known a while. I am a nerd who loves old video games. I also love my two cats. I love camming, and it's so fun getting to know new people. I love sharing my sexy pictures and thoughts with you. Feel free to email me, too, at sapphirecam at gmail dot com with any questions you have. You can add me on Skype (ask me for my Skype name), and you can buy a subscription to my snapchat, I send out pics every day or so :)